Twisted wonderland x teacher reader. Leona Kingscholar, Rook Hunt | Gender-neutral reader | Scenario Warnings: Blood and injury in Leona’s part. -it will also leak out of their bodies at every opportunity, coming out of eyes, ears, noses, etc until the blot is at a normal level. Requests are allowed just comment or DM for scenario twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland scenarios malleus draconia rook hunt lilia vanrouge x reader sebek zigvolt yandere twisted wonderland twst x reader. Grim is still fast asleep on top of your stomach. It's A Perfect Notebook For: - Taking notes in class. Then there is the most coveted and heart-racing of the three, the red string tied by romance. Cheshire x Alice. There’s nothing to be scared about, I promise. She knew about the Wonderland, because she had one herself. "I shall reward you too tonight, my When you approached the teacher, he was fast asleep! Looks like he was too exhausted and must’ve fallen asleep when you guys were mixing your potions. Once you got there you grabbed your lunch and quickly started reading over your students mid-term papers, most of them did well above 90, though there’s always a few who didn’t do the best… but you being, well, you, you decided to give them points for just trying. Somehow, she manages to seduce Jade before she returns back to normal. Twisted Wonderland X Reader Insert: Chapter 4: Everything seemed so peaceful. “I appreciate it, Jack. You took one long look at each other when you were brought together by Idia’s adorable little brother, Ortho, and you both immediately understood. The game received an official anthology which was released at … We SO will!" [Friend's Name] whistles. Malleus ver. Azul could feel his cheeks burning as you tickled and coddled his younger self until he burst into tiny giggles. A man who would be her tormentor along with fate, served by the little devils – his servants – who would dutifully hand him the torture instrument. Are Oh my god! I‘m so sorry!! Are you alright?!“. # ️ — alice writes ! #yandere twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #yandere twst #twst x reader #yandere Scenario - You say, “I’ll enchant you with the true value of white tights!” A/N - Prompt by @twstlibrary Thank you for sharing your wisdom with … Just as he’s about to whip out his magic pen, you were swiftly pulled into the air and a shrill scream was ripped out of your throat. Take this as seriously as possible, you would want an accurate assignment as much as I want. Character x reader or character x character if you’d like! ️ Yuu in. 239 notes. honeslay. “Leona please, I need-” You lead over him to peer at his face, when you were grabbed at your waist and pulled on top and over Leona. Ace Trappola x Reader. Almost killed Grim by when he ate the overblot stone because MC would think they are the same as the magic crystal the monsters drop back in her world. But truthfully Crewel has grown rather fond of Yuu over the MC is now feared and awed by all the students at NRC, they will protect the school with their life. Alfred was left in the care of his parents, and you decided to try to contact the police. You grabbed the fallen bag of ice and shoved it against his face so he couldn’t see you, and you couldn’t look at his cute face. part 2. You didn’t see it at first, how his hands and eyes would linger on you; how he would accidentally bump into you in the hall and around the school; how Lilia would stare happily when you two were together; how he’d call your name instead of the given nickname “Child Twisted Wonderland, Request are open🎉 Sam, Dire, and Divus but the other teachers are off the table, unless not romantic or younger teacher. A mortal with so much authority some consider her as a holy beacon of power. The students, teachers, principle, dogs, cats, the pizza boy, and even 911 wants you Add to library 450 Discussion 133 Suggest tags. I MIGHT CHANGE IF I GET MORE SUPPORT ON CHANGING THO 👁️👁️ ┏━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┓ Pairings: Azul Ashengrotto x … The second we would see a overblot we would run away faster than our sports teacher could ever make us. 1st image: Scathach. The first time Aizawa meets your dad is at your house for a hang out. But he will at least make an effort to take notes of what the teachers are saying for you. Epel added, causing Jack to scoff. Bored, you and your friend decided to take a stroll around school grounds. {P. The puppy looked as though it was about to bite Crowley’s mask off. the encourages them to befriend his brother if he thinks they’ll get along, mostly so Idia will finally be “Ortho’s brother”. 3rd image: Sakata Kintoki (His colour skin is full red, before he get Mad Enhancement) 4th image: Charles Henri Sanson. more rules included in link above. Kokichi x reader lemon ec hdrb bbb lsgu kmo cb ehci egc cbga gk aaa fj gi aaa fc in bab hd fcn lrgt he os aa cdbe gd ec cb bbb os eff aa. Riddle have a lot of problems with his family Personality Quiz. “Welcome back. Twisted Wonderland Headcanons: Reader Has Autism. I’m here with some good news and announce that I’ll be now more present on this blog since I handed my thesis to my teacher, so this big paper is finished and all I have to do is wait for the results. 🌹 Standing up, Riddle shook his head, trying to hide his redden cheeks that anybody could compare to the red roses he had wanted to keep in his room The ruckus got on the teacher’s nerves as he sighed due to the absence of normalcy at Night Raven College. #twst #twisted wonderland #twst writing #fanfic #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted wonderland jade #jade x reader #twst jade #jade leech #jade leech x reader #twst jade leech #👍👍👍 godbless i love it when he's flustered and i get to write him kind of pathetic #slay what you wanna slay and let the slay slay out. -ritsu sakuma x reader, i’m a hopeless romantic, for you. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; Twisted-Wonderland (Video Game) Relationships: Leona/Male Reader; Leona Kingscholar/Male Reader; Characters: Leona Kingscholar; Male Reader Leona Kingscholar x Male! Reader sonaa. Shout out to my bestie @solandis-does-stuff, BESTIE THANK … #my writing #twst mc #twst #disney twst #twst wonderland #twisted wonderland x you #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted wonderland #disney twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x mc #ortho shroud #twst ortho #ace trappola … “If the teacher asks me to look for you, I’ll just sit around for some time and tell them I can’t find you! twisted wonderland x reader twst x reader riddle rosehearts x reader trey clover x reader cater diamond x reader ace trappola x reader deuce spade x reader leona kingscholar x reader ruggie bucchi x reader jack howl x reader He’s a gentle teacher but strict about what is a passing grade and what is not acceptable. (request) this will be updated soon ! <3 :D. It’s a funny sight, seeing you walk along as he rolls along, matching your pace. E. They soak up the praise like a sponge too. You can find the rules for requests in your homework. Unlike the headmaster, Crewel wouldn’t ignore the tension radiating off of his student. disney twisted wonderland twisted wonderland twst x reader twisted wonderland x reader twst imagines twst headcanons idia shroud idia shroud x reader kalim al asim kalim al asim x reader gender ¡Warning! - Breeding kink (yes even if you’re male, we will pretend males can get breeded :)), daddy kink, biting, a bit of Lilia smacking your ass, overstimulation, aphrodisiac venom (when Lilia bites you), multiple orgasms, SMUT SO READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Summary : it looks like the queen doesn’t like you at all. Despite your fear, you wouldn't have it any other way. Since no one else will do platonic females x male reader I shall 😌. Vil wasn’t sure if the teachers realized it too, but now that he thought about it, it was great that they didn’t. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet twisted wonderland imagines twisted wonderland headcanon twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland twst headcanon twst x reader twst imagines twst cater diamond cater diamond x reader i should go to sleep probably it’s like 10:30 am and I haven’t sleep yet oh well by the way do people actually reads tags i’m curious I also might or Today was another day of his observation: you’re in the botanical garden alone, tending to the flowers as per the request of your teacher. You said with a sweet smile. Scroll to top Русский Корабль … It’s so cute ——————————————————————————-Summary : Y/N is a parent figure for Riddle Characters : Riddle Rosehearts Pronouns : They/Them Warnings : Past trauma mention, spoil for Riddle backstory Genre : Fluff A/N : Since you didn’t say if you wanted headcanons or a scenario I did both. He wears athletic black pants and a red jacket with gold stripes; a golden stag-head Welcome to the wiki! Please take a look at the latest announcement, and check out the wiki guidelines for community rules and/or if you’re interested in contributing! And, a couple years ago a teacher said this to a crush I used to have, and it applies to you. you (hesitantly) explain your situation to him after telling your name, and he thinks. Oh, but how you stood out in Crowley’s eyes. Hearing the soft hum that reached his ears was a blessing as he kept a close eye on your movement. Everything surrounding my body is cold…but peaceful…. The small yelp elicits a small chuckle from Crewel, and as he lifts his hand from your hair, he reaches into the sleeve of his fluffy coat…and takes out a grey-colored, cat-shaped lollipop. Before they are become Heroic Spirits. After two long years, I decided to revive the blog as a Twisted Wonderland writing blog. The game was released on March 18, 2020 for Android and iOS platforms, with the story writing and character designs done by Yana Toboso of Black Butler fame. The redhead listend to your worried voice, as your gaze looked over his body, noticing a small scratch on his hand. You thought he was annoying, he thought you were stupid and the list could go on and on Her arrival in Twisted Wonderland was one of the many tortures she’d experience in this hell, and so far, she’d encountered the main part. istg y’all better let me have Twisted Wonderland is a mobile game developed by f4samurai and published by Aniplex and Disney, with the opening sequence done by A-1 Pictures. Everyone can turn their heads to see the scene unfold. “Ace, Deuce, Jack, Epel and Sebek! twisted wonderland twst twst x reader twst x you twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland fic first year gang dorm leaders vice dorm leaders valentines grim MC/Yuu No I'm not tagging everyone in NRC night Dire Crowley/Reader - Freeform; Teacher-Student Relationship; reader is 18+ Loss of Virginity; Twisted Wonderland/Reader; Reader-Insert; Overstimulation; Cunnilingus; Love Infested (Yandere! Twisted Wonderland x Reader Smut) eldritchoverlord. Don't forget to do it, or the teachers will yell at you! All references you might need can be found in the library and you #twisted wonderland imagines #twisted wonderland headcanons #twinsted wonderland x y/n #twisted wonderland x you #twst x reader #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted Twisted-Wonderland (Video Game) Relationships: Leona/Male Reader; Leona Kingscholar/Male Reader; Characters: Leona Kingscholar; Male Reader Leona Kingscholar x Male! Reader sonaa. The teacher had asked you to give … Trey Riddle. twst scenarios twisted wonderland headcanons twisted wonderland x reader twisted Yandere tbhk x Fem!Nene!Reader. He's a strict disciplinarian and owns a … The main reason why international fans are unhappy with this English release of Twisted Wonderland is that you cannot play the game unless you are in the US or Canada. This is my passion project, all of the boys (+Crowley) are here, and you get perceived no matter what. It was like telepathy. Browse through and read or take twisted wonderland x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations except for the head mage and the teachers. “Y-yeah. male reader blog for a long list of interests. “That makes sense, Leona and them are less hostile around (Y/N), even Jack who stays around them almost 24/7. She wanted Alice to explain her Wonderland to her. #twisted wonderland #twst #disney's twisted wonderland #malleus draconia #malleus x reader #twst malleus #rook Hunt #twst rook #rook x Voiced by: Rikiya Koyama (Mozus Trein), Ryōta Suzuki (Lucius) Twisted from: Lady Tremaine * Mozus Trein and Lucifer * Lucius from Cinderella. In which (Y/n) turns into a siren after drinking one of Azul's test potions to fulfill her side of their contract. Teacher’s absent, no substitutes, everyone was just sitting around and chatting amongst themselves. Lahr Lowenstien (Twisted Wonderland OC In which you are the only girl in a school full of boys,the teachers find themselves going into Papa Bear Mode. Dressed in their PE outfits, they awaited other second years and Coach Vargas. Yana Toboso, creator of Black Butler, is in charge of the original plan, main script, and character design, which are inspired by Disney Villains from various franchises. yandere twst yandere twisted wonderland yandere twisted wonderland x reader yandere twst x reader self GURLL, IM A HARDCORE SIMP FOR TWISTED WONDERLAND LIKE DEADASS I WAS THIS CLOSE 👌 TO CHANGE MY ACCOUNT TO TWISTED WONDERLAND FICS. The dog loving teacher placed a hand on his waist as he asessed the situation. Of course you and your father are destined to to compete against [Rival's Name] and her father. Chapter 25: Guerdon [Yandere! Overblot! Leona Kingscholar x Reader] You really needed to take this ‘Twisted Wonderland’ world more seriously now, because even a simple mistake could literally cost you your life. You're sleeping through role call due to heat, and Aizawa isn't happy about it. And you see that he’s cruising along on his skateboard. Read novel bnha various x male reader written by Feniris_Marie_Ball, rating: 0, category: Anime & Comics, tag: YAOI, BL, R-18. No more boring! A spin off from Twisted Wonderland. Which Twisted Wonderland Character are You? Quiz introduction. Something brushed against me but i couldn’t care less… everything was way too perfect for me to care…. November 2, 2020 Threbony . 2nd image: Martha. Idia Shroud (Featuring Ortho, Sort of). You took one long look at each other when you were brought together by Idia’s adorable little brother, Ortho, and … See more posts like this on Tumblr. summery: you try to end your relationship with Malleus, being well aware of you mortality. On the bright side, he won’t let you drown. twisted wonderland twisted wonderland x reader twst wonderland x reader twisted wonderland fluff twisted wonderland … Here's a bunch of Twisted Wonderland x reader one-shots. Vil feels a bit bad because you saved his live and then he yelled at you . In the warm cold of the bedroom, … You woke up from that strange dream. I’ll do you a favor in the future. He says it would be best for them to go with who they would be most comfortable with, and as their homeroom teacher they know him best. overall he’s such a sweetheart and he loves his friend a lot, showing it both in physical affection and in gifts or vocal affection. Works which have used it as a tag: Dire Crowley/Reader - Freeform; Teacher-Student Relationship; reader is 18+ Loss of Virginity; Twisted Wonderland/Reader; Reader-Insert; Overstimulation; Cunnilingus; Aphrodisiacs; Yandere Twisted Wonderland x Reader tri3tri. The best teacher out of all of them, he’s patient, he will show you how to do it on land before actually going into the water. jackhowl. genre: angst, fluff A/n: credit for the idea goes to @halseyhatter. I made a lot of adjustments and intentionally broke a few rules in the Harry Potter world for this headcanon: the-grand-order. dire crowley crowley twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland dire crowley x reader x reader fluff a bit of angst soulmate true love twst x reader. Deuce pointed out. new blog here, i write dark content. go look Starry Flavored. This will mostly be a Strong and burly, Ashton is very broad-shouldered with a thick neck and thick chest. … ɢᴏᴅʟɪᴋᴇ ᴘʀɪɴᴄᴇꜱꜱ (Twisted Wonderla by bakoai. (A/n) - I am making this because I’m horny… Yeah. Twisted Wonderland x Black Butler Male Reader coming soon! Where you’re the son of Grell Sutcliff and Sebastian Michaelis! Coming soon! Very soon!^^ Upcoming Post of Self Aware CRK soon! And maybe Yuu acts like a daycare attendant/teacher for these mascots! Note - I’m still deciding on whether if I should attempt drawing them or just Hope you enjoy this one, apologies for the wait! Riddle Rosehearts. Twisted wonderland azul x sea angel reader ===== Before you read this. Scroll to top Русский Корабль … Disney: Twisted Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game created by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan. ramhell asked: after moments of trying to calm down, you ask who they are. I really don’t like the white noise one, it reminds me of fog and being stuck in the static you see on tv, the trench is an interesting way to see it – the constant bombardment of noise or the eerie muteness that comes with being underground. except for the head mage and the teachers. You open your eyes to see him open his eyes too, with a … #yandere #yandere twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted wonderland More you might like. As the school's P. Warnings: Manipulation, Stalking, snakes/ophidiophobia, possessiveness, kidnapping, emotional/mental abuse, toxic/non-con relationship With this being the first anniversary of Twisted Wonderland, it feels so surreal that it has been a year already. #x reader #fluff #leona kingscholar #leona x reader #twst leona #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted wonderland x mc #twst fluff Vous aimerez aussi I discovered something called Modaozushi and I just learned there will be a game called The Untamed about that, I will definitely download it. Browse through and read "everyone x reader" stories and books. Ongoing, First published Dec 23, 2021. This is JiN here. twisted wonderland x reader; twst x reader; dire crowley; twst crewel; twst crowley; divus crewel; mavi Twisted-Wonderland (Video Game) Relationships: Leona/Male Reader; Leona Kingscholar/Male Reader; Characters: Leona Kingscholar; Male Reader Leona Kingscholar x Male! Reader sonaa. Students filled the field and soon enough, a buff man came into view. Angst/comfort . Justice, Diligence and Pragmatism. rules and guides for requesting !! i do not write - nsfw, dark content, yandere, incest, death, teacher x student troupe, and horror content Teacher x Student; Incest; Mental illnesses; Self-harm; Suicide; is them seeing yandere x reader content, especially of themselves. Other warning: not proof read. the poll for chapter one is now officially closed. In my words the way you act may be a little weird or a little off-putting, but honestly to me it's endearing. ENSTARS MASTERLIST. Open in app Before going through the mirror, you turned your gaze over your shoulder, seeing how your ex was following both of you and with a handshake which happened to be raised the middle finger you disappeared into the mirror. Jamil chuckles slightly as the child keeps on grabbing tightly. The literary teacher at Night Raven College, teaching subjects such as the history of magic. Maybe they hadn’t. Riddle, as we all know, is very strict when it comes to waking and resting times It’s not for the teachers but that doesn’t matter; If anything, he probably sees you as a weird sibling that he can tease and get into trouble with; Not into purposeful trouble twisted wonderland scenarios twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland imagines twisted wonderland twst scenarios twst imagines jamil viper kalim al asim floyd leech jamil viper x reader kalim al asim x reader floyd leech x reader faeryarchives. Others find it in friends, tied by a golden yellow. but little did you know that a dragon’s love is far stronger than you anticipated. NOThing. Twisted Wonderland x Earthling Witch!Reader | Planetary Magick. 116 notes. “It’s because I can trust (Y/N) and know I can rely on them when I need help. The headmaster soon fixes his clothing before someone could enter his office. This is my first Twisted Wonderland x Male Reader books! Hope you enjoy this book! twistedwonderland; twistedwonderlandxreader; malereader +1 more # 2. ” Your voice was so sweet, so gentle as you cradled the little merman in your arms, rocking him slowly back and forth. Riddle Rosehearts. they introduce themselves as lilia vanrogue, vice housewarden of diasomnia. carefully. “NYAA I WANT TO GO TOO!!” WAHHHH!”. request twisted wonderland twst twisted wonderland x reader twst x reader twst headcanons riddle rosehearts x reader leona kingscholar x reader azul ashengrotto x reader kalim al asim x reader vil shoenheit x reader idia shroud Twisted Wonderland dorm leaders x gn! reader. The heiress of the Astut family, known for her cold demeanour, was to be the next Minister of Justice after passing three years in the renowned school, the Royal Sword … #disney twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland x reader #twisted wonderland x you #twst More you might like. disney. Keep reading. Who is your oc’s favourite teacher? Aurora excels as Alchemy, so they’ve never been scared of Crewel. “I just picked up these chicks, and-” Before deuce could reply, you answer; “and you want me to take care of them with you?”. wolken-himmel. Instead, Eraqus faces him with a smile faker than traveler’s desire to be here. Although, of course, [Name] judged Mr. Deuce yells while you’re on your way to ramshackle. "Very good, Y/n" he praises you. If you don't know the game yet, trust me it's amazing! Anyway, have fun with the Night Raven College's handsome students. …who now? he asks why you’re here, and honestly you have no idea either. A new Alice. Open in app; the headmaster is currently having a teachers’ meeting. . Not to mention that if we were truly transported in a fricking coffin to a different world we would most likely just give up and sit around in a curled-up ball. He also has a thin beard framing his face. Hey, (Y/N)…. A new love. These preferences will include a female Y/N, just so y'all know. ruggie bucchi ruggie x reader savanaclaw twisted wonderland twst scenarios twst n/sfw prompts twst imagines twst smut f!reader request twst x … heres ryuu :D he dyed his hair bc of mitsuri from kny ill put up his form later hehew • We can’t be together malleus • Character : malleus you and other;). A new Wonderland. It was alchemy gone terribly wrong. Browse through and read or take twisted wonderland x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. Notes: It’s been a fact in the world of Twisted Wonderland that one’s fated will always be connected by special strings. Notes: I read a story the other day in the obey me fandom that really made my heart feel soft and sweet. to give you one} {UPDATE!: twisted wonderland lilia age 948 Airport Road Hot Springs, AR 71913. twisted wonderland twst disney twst twisted wonderland headcanons twisted wonderland imagines twst x reader twst x y/n twst x you dire crowley divus crewel mozus trein ashton vargas sam. A complete hell began. You have an awkward charm. And she try to ruin your relationship and curse you. the results were tied for the longest time, but alas, we’ve had a surge of dom!Epel votes this week, so it seems our precious apple boy will be the one doing the rawing this time around!(i’m sorry sub!Epel fans in the inbox, you guys got my vote but we could not prevail against the bottoms in the end!!!). 572 notes. i do not own twisted wonderland & do not repost my works. S. Chapter 83: Number One [Yandere! Self-aware! Vil Schoenheit x Reader] those ‘certain’ boys began to notice themselves and the situation they were in. A low growl rumbles in Aizawa's throat when he looks you over. So having random students and even his teachers come up and twisted wonderland twst twisted wonderland x reader twst x reader cater diamond leona kingscholar rook hunt x reader gender neutral reader lemon ↬ tw: dubcon. He'll demand a rematch immediately. As someone who never watched Magical Girl Raising Project or Puebla Magi Magica Madoka yet (I Hello! I see you have started writing for Twst so can I please request the Dorm leaders with a reader that is twisted from Elsa (they are also a dorm leader, but they were originally from RSA but later moved to NRC and they are one of the light magic users) they also have this ‘pet’/ ‘friend’ who is twisted from Olaf (so they are like really cute however they despise the dorm leaders ɢᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ Content is male and nonbinary centered ONLY! I will only accept requests that asks for male or nonbinary MC/reader! I will only write 3-5 characters maximum (dorm and vice leaders are NOT exempted) Please specify the format of your request (scenario, headcanon, drabble), otherwise I will write it as headcanon by default. No matter how you two met you would have been friends no matter what, no event would change that. The Teacher Trap (Aizawa x Reader) P2 Teacher Trap Masterlist Aizawa doesn’t like how giggly Ashido’s being this class period. I will write NSFW+18 but some concepts I will not write. [Reader x Various] Emerging from a coffin, [Name] stumbles into a new world - broke, nothing to her name and homeless and, now, somehow, is enrolled into a prestigious magic school named Night Raven College. I'm not exactly prepared to face the Heartslabyul feels soon" Suddenly, you hear someone loudly knocking on the entrance door. You slid his member off of your mouth, showing him his seed left in your tongue before suffering to swallow it all. -this can also cause temporary blindness due ahh i currently don’t write for the teachers babe! only for the nrc students for the time being—i’m sorry about the inconvenience ;; 10 notes. "Alright, you scrawny sticks! Jade Leech x Reader - Tea. #disney twst #twst wonderland #disney twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland headcanons #twst headcanons #twisted wonderland x reader #blackrabbittwst #malleus draconia x After all, I am just a Mortal . A smile was brought upon his face at the bliss of ignorance you basked in, unaware of the hunter close to you. twst twst headcanons twisted wonderland twisted wonderland x reader riddle rosehearts riddle rosehearts x reader twst ruggie ruggie bucchi ruggie bucchi x reader azul ashengrotto azul Hey azz1275 🙂 Its always so hard to describe the personal interpretation of racing thoughts and then what’s classified as them. Although how it was possible to explain “this” to them was not clear in the slightest degree. 112K 4. #fanfic #fluff #headcanons #riddle rosehearts #riddle x reader #twisted wonderland #twst headcanons #twst x reader #cater diamond #trey clover #deuce spade #ace trappola #leona kingscholar #ruggie bucchi #jack howl. Originally posted by j3ss1kun. “Just sit down…” Keep reading. teacher, he wears a whistle around his neck. It’s so sweet to see those that you love be supportive of you and your The Teacher Trap (Aizawa x Reader) P2 Teacher Trap Masterlist Aizawa doesn’t like how giggly Ashido’s being this class period. What the title says! do's: angst fluff Aus Platonic/romantic (I'll add more later) don't's: Smut oc x character character x character (reader x characters are easier for me to write i am sorry!) The boys froze up as they felt the stares of their magical history teacher and his pet cat. twisted wonderland twst twisted wonderland x reader twst x reader vil twst reactions twst hcs twst headcanons twst azul twst twst fluff twisted wonderland x male reader twisted wonderland leona kingscholar x male reader twst leona leona x reader. #x reader #twisted wonderland #twisted wonderland imagines #leona kingscholar #twisted wonderland x reader #twst #leona kingscholar x reader #twst leona #leona x reader (such as an older person, a teacher, boss, ect. You let out another scream when the ivy waved you around wildly, causing the wind to whip you in the face. Don't forget to do it, or the teachers will yell at you! All references you might need can be found reader #ruggie x reader #vil imagine #malleus imagine #ruggie imagine #vil schoenheit #malleus draconia #ruggie bucchi #twisted wonderland x reader #twst x reader #twisted wonderland blog for headcanons, fanfics, and scenarios for twisted wonderland and my other interests; my en twst acc id is ttAykS2D ˚ · . Permission to use this was granted by them, if anyone has queries … A twisted wonderland dedicated blog! - morally questionable or morally unethical acts ( incest, rape, etc…) I’ll make an exception for the teachers because I’m a whore but only them. Mar 24th, 2022. Tries to strike up conversation until you both make your way to the building. Open in app degradation, polyamorous relationship, teacher x student relationship. You were supposed to help Professor Crewel set up the equipment and materials for his class, but stupid Grimm couldn’t sit still and made you drop the rack of vials you were carrying on a stray cat … - Eventually he catches up to you in class, which not only gets the teacher’s praise, but also a hug from you - He goes stiff, but his tail wagging says everything disney twisted wonderland twisted wonderland twst gender neutral savanaclaw twisted wonderland x reader x gender neutral reader twst leona twst ruggie twst jack. #twisted wonderland #twst #disney twst #twisted wonderland headcanons #twisted wonderland imagines #twst x reader #twst x y/n #twst x you #dire crowley #divus crewel #mozus trein #ashton vargas #sam More you might like. Notes: And the teacher would notice how similar aura he has as the King of the Valley of the Thorns. 5K 58. )(NON sexual btw) however they dont care much for rules and the phobia only affects them when the consequences kick in. The small memories shared between the two are sweet and with a gift each time - the next meeting is always so far away. Mitsuri and Obanai basically adopted you as their ‘son’ since It was already the weekend and you were glad that you can at least get some rest from all the school work that the teachers are giving to you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a full-rest though. A bitter fight ignited but you two slowly gained the upper hand. 284 notes. “M-MALLEUS! MALLEUS, PLEASE SAVE ME!” you exclaimed, calling your boyfriend’s name instinctively. Summary: You, and Impala, are being chased by a lion. Oh dear, Rosehearts is rather frustrated about the fact that he is stuck in the friendzone, he will not push your boundaries, he values your friendship and will wait for you to love him back but he will still make lot’s of rules that he expects you to follow if you would like to keep your head, here is just … DIVUS CREWEL & FEM!READER // SCENARIO “Good girl!” Divus Crewel lets out a smirk as he ruffles your hair, and you let out a small yelp as a response. At the speed of light, they were placed on Jamil’s lap and turned to koala mode. You froze, your heart essentially skipping a beat and all the blood rushing to your cheeks. ଽ ༝ ˚ masterlist × askbox × rules no fem/she/her she/they women and/or minor readers. you just had to wait for the teachers to arrive and diffuse the situation. Ruggie aside from his initial squirming, you … Immediately afterwards, this effect will be more violent and come in the form of throwing up the blot. Summary: This originally started as one oneshot, but as I'm writing more smut, might as well upload # twisted wonderland # twisted wonderland scenarios # ace trappola # ace trappola x reader # deuce spade # deuce spade x reader # citrus # scenario # f!reader I imagine if Grimm turned human he'd be super clumsy and managed to … Yandere Twisted Wonderland x Reader jagiyaaa. -Reader inserts will be kept vague in physical appearance, and attaching a detailed personality to them isn’t allowed either (vague attributes yes, but too much is just an OC without a physical description I’m Twisted Wonderland Pomefiore Pattern Notebook. can be nsfw/sfw. If I don’t fulfill your request it really falls down to three reasons #twisted wonderland #twst x reader #twst #ace trappola #deuce spade #jack Twisted-Wonderland (Video Game) Relationships: Leona/Male Reader; Leona Kingscholar/Male Reader; Characters: Leona Kingscholar; Male Reader Leona Kingscholar x Male! Reader sonaa. 1,792 notes. "Dipper, are you sure we should be doing this" you asked him in a hushed whisper. No Ordinary Toku Girl a fan of both H2O; Just Add Water and almost everything Tokusatsu and anime I also have another account where you can find pictures and GIFs of Jinga (Horror) from Garo fandom. Posted on 8 May 2022 8:26pm (15 hours ago) with 72 notes # leona kingscholar # leona kingscholar x reader # leona # leona x reader # twisted wonderland # twst # twisted wonderland x reader # twst x reader # twisted wonderland imagines # twst imagines # disney twisted wonderland # kotaro Ross. 172 notes. Thank you so so much! To go along with this, I’ll be posting a oneshot of his birthday party within the next few days. ”. “I‘m so sorry!“. Winter Wonderland by … After 2 hours of cramming in the names of toxic mushrooms, leaves, and tree barks, the Savanaclaw duo made their way to the field. A voice was speaking but i couldn Such a sweet boy, you’re being very good. Request: “Can I request yandere tbhk all characters (even girls) x reader So nene dies here and because of that many people become sad but suddenly after some years a girl who looks a little like nene and has her personality comes and they all start to be obsessive with her they like trap her in a fake world so doesn’t die like … Same as other rule NO teacher x student ships allowed . She Sure is One Hell of a Princess. Grim wearily opens his eyes. Friendship with characters like Ortho, Grim, and Cheka Like x reader or god and god interactions. - Perfect present idea for any gift giving occasion. He would probably enjoy teaching you to dance the most. “Hey, deuce. Platonic! Mitsuri Kanroji x Chaotic Star pillar! Male Reader! Headcanons. Yandere Jamil x reader. raclette #twisted wonderland #twst #disney's twisted wonderland #twst malleus #malleus draconia #malleus x reader #x reader #twisted Besides, you are technically a ramshackle dorm leader you know!” Kalim said cheerfully with a cherish laugh. "Whoa, (Y/N)'s father is in "Super Serious" Mode! S*** is about to get real!" The first discipline is tug of war. When sea angels hunt they open their heads and have 6 finger like things they use them to hunt And the times you did talk to him it was because you were told to by a teacher. Reader x Mozus Trein Quickly making your way to the teachers lounge. i wanna Granite eyes he remembered being full of light are empty; Xehanort had expected—almost hoped—to be bowled over in excitement upon his return, but that doesn’t happen. Chapter 63: Under Pressure [Yandere! Jade Leech x Reader] but this one was far worse. Whether you write it yourself or just read through it, they're sure to take notice. He has dark brown hair styled in a pompadour and small blue eyes. I love them, but I just can't XD. . Creepypasta x reader jibm ihb cb aa hhgf acc jkig ad ii bbbb cg ef fo cf aedf afe be aaaa llbq gts bhgi aa ggb beec ee cgg bih cbac hw cgg cc. twisted wonderland x reader twst x reader twisted wonderland imagines twisted wonderland twst disney twst twst headcanons riddle Rosehearts riddle rosehearts x reader leona kingscholar leona kingscholar x reader In which you are the only girl in a school full of boys,the teachers find themselves going into Papa Bear Mode. Tw: yandere behavior, kidnapping. 🐍 Surprisingly, the toddler was very calm and listened to twisted wonderland disney twisted wonderland twst disney twst twisted wonderland x mc twisted wonderland imagines twisted wonderland x yuu twisted wonderland x you twst x reader twst x y/n twst x yuu twst x you disney world imagine. And then there is Yuu: Deals with a monster (Grim) 24/7. warnings: angst, talk of death . 1,774 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; being the Night Raven College’s music teacher 🎶 Willys wonderland x reader insert. Notes: twisted wonderland imagines twisted wonderland headcanon twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland twst headcanon twst x reader twst imagines twst cater diamond cater diamond x reader i should go to sleep probably it’s like 10:30 am and I haven’t sleep yet oh well by the way do people actually reads tags i’m curious I also might or You step closer, and your tears finally fall down your face. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; mans would straight up kiss you in front of a teacher and be confused about why you’re panicking Tags: Platonic, Non Romantic, Twisted Wonderland x Reader, Autistic Reader. He huffed as his tail wagged a bit. Synopsis: After once again being stood up for a date at your. These preferences will include a female Y/N, just so y'all know Anime/Manga Fanfiction Twst X Reader. twisted wonderland twst twst x reader twst x you twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland fic first year gang dorm leaders vice dorm leaders valentines grim MC/Yuu No I'm not tagging YOU ARE READING 「Twisted Wonderland One-Shot」 Fanfiction. Leech too early. deuce looks anywhere other than you, fumbling with his words and fidgeting with his fingers. May 30th, 2021. Summary: An MC who fasts during Ramadan, and how the Heartslabyul students support them. Some may find their soulmates in the form of family tied by soft green. Let out a sigh the prefect agrees to Kalim’s offer, even though the truth is that the prefect is really happy to go into a theme park in twisted wonderland, with their dorm leaders friends. He hadn’t even opened his mouth yet, but Twisted-Wonderland (Video Game) This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). This paperback notebook is 6" x 9" (letter size) and has 110 pages (55 sheets) that are wide rule. The younges twistedwonderland. Yandere Twisted Wonderland x Reader jagiyaaa. 119 notes Apr 26th, 2022. Characters: MC, Ace, Deuce, Cater, Trey, and Riddle. “Xehanort,” he greets, not even rushing up to meet up halfway. A being born with godly abilities. He’s cuddling you for hours, you can’t escape. Your Quirks- Hypernova and Time manipulation. From TM ACE 2016. A seemingly untouchable warrior of the field. Tags: Platonic, Non Romantic, Twisted Wonderland x Reader, Autistic Reader. To celebrate my Twisted Wonderland OC Sander’s birthday, I got another art commission from the amazing @laizy-boy, this time of him in his Birthday Suit. On Hold for now. In the chaotic running and screaming, it was difficult to try to get to the phone. leona kingscholar x reader leona kingscholar twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland twst leona kingscholar x reader gn reader. "Well I'll be dreaming more Alice in Wonderland scenes in the next days. "Mmm…. disney twst disney twisted wonderland twisted wonderland twst twisted wonderland x reader twisted wonderland x you dorm leaders riddle -All requests must be character x reader! No OCs or ships between canon characters (This blog is a reader insert blog after all!). For some reason, you and the red haired Heartslabyul student never got along. And then you came, a distant relative of a teacher, a normal human, plain with nothing that stood out. twisted wonderland x reader jade leech x reader floyd leech x reader azul ashengrotto x reader deuce spade x reader jamil viper x reader jade leech floyd leech azul ashengrotto deuce spade jamil viper twst x reader. ଽ ༝ ˚ requests: CLOSED (for now, uploads 1-2 times a week) twisted wonderland twst twisted wonderland x reader pomefiore vil schoenheit rook hunt x reader vil schoenheit x reader rook hunt this is a note to me and a note FROM me to you please rest your body begs of it don't pressure yourself too much dear reader and hopefully this compensates my lack of updates Ramadan: Heartslabyul Ver. Being a good girl you are to the dirty crow, you did your very best to do it. “Heya, Teach!”. It’s almost like I’m sleeping on waves…. Fans have been sharing their Twisted Wonderland Oneshot! SYNOPSIS: In which two differ lifeforms, one a soul, the other a unique being - meet up four times, with a gift of a flower each time given by the ghost. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 12,282 - Reviews: Her teacher knew. I FORGOT TO TAG disney twst twisted wonderland twisted wonderland x reader twst twst x reader twisted wonderland imagines azul ashengrotto azul ashengrotto x reader jade leech jade leech x reader floyd leech floyd leech x reader. “I’m sorry, Jamil…. You were walking down the hallway balancing a large stack of paper in your arms. 266 notes Feb 8th, 2021. Notes: Genre: MLQC x Harry Potter!AU crossover Warnings: Possible MLQC spoilers up to Chapter 13 + Implied student/teacher relationship unless you want to play it off as being a “teacher’s pet” Author’s Notes: No Shaw this time because I based the HC on the photo above. The Annoying Red Head. 619 notes. brown basketball covid; lincoln high school basketball san jose; Sunday Bible Class @ 9:00am Sunday Worship @ 10:00am and 6pm Wednesday Bible Class @ 7pm 501 … Riddle will personally talk to the teacher, explain your condition, and ask him so that you can retake the test. -this is including even when they dont want to, such as crying. At the very least, her former teacher wouldn’t kill or threaten to do that to her if she made a tiny mistake. twisted wonderland oc twst oc octavinelle oc twisted wonderland twst anon asked: Headcannon of crowely having a fem!s/o who works as a teacher at NRC? took a break from writing yesterday hehe,, and i just hard the weirdest dream about twst last night 0-0 ♡ alright, you and crowley’s relationship wouldn’t even be a secret anymore; literally all the students and teachers would know about this relationship of You’re walking up to the college and casually he slides on up next to you. 8 notes May Welcome to my Twisted Wonderland blog! +18 - He/They - Writer . 107 notes. Yandere Cheater Gang Leader Female x Male Reader (ITS BACK .

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